Wednesday, February 16, 2022

The M900 experience,

To begin, a couple of links:
  • I have installed an A&E key PCIe ethernet card which fits beautifully in the VGA/Serial option slot. It's an RTL1811 card, so not 'great'.

  • I already ordered a A&E-key to miniPCIe adapter from DeLock, and I've ordered a dual I350 chipset based miniPCIe card. It's dual, so that should be 'exiting' in terms of performance/manageability. I'm not sure it will fit in the case though!
Still waiting on the Tiny P340 from Lenovo. To be delivered in April. Still a lot of waiting to do. It's basically a completely standard one, but with a serial port (maybe for a UPS, we'll see).

So far the update for my TMM project, except for that I'm now using the P320 with the Nvidia P600 as a graphics card. Works great for my limited use so far.