Monday, August 21, 2023

ML350G9, the 'final' server.

 Finally, have found my 'dream' server.

HPE ML350G9, capable of carrying 6 modules containing 4x3.5" or 8x3.5" drives. So 24xLFF or 48xSFF drives. I'm using zfs with SLOG/ZIL for data security. I have some 5x 8Tbyte QVO Samsung disks.

It can take 2x E5 v4 processors. In my case this would be 2x 2630L v4 10 core processors at 55W TDP. For now I intend to add:

  1. 128Gbytes of LRDIMM ECC memory (power saving and error correcting)
  2. 8/16 Gbytes of NVDIMM for the zfs SLOG/ZIL

  1. 2 port 10Gbit SFP+ ethernet card PCIe x8
  2. 2 port 56Gbit QSFP+ infiniband card PCIe x8
  3. Fujitsu IB mode SAS 12G card PCIe x8
  4. PCIe switch card with 4x 1Tbyte NVMe storage (cache) PCIe x8
  5. PCIe2NVMe card for the boot drive (2tbyte NVMe), hoping I can boot from it. PCIe x4
  6. SAS Expander (12G)  (no PCIe lanes, just power)
  7. Nvidia Quadro P2000 (for transcoding) multiple streams possible. No external supply needed, limit 75W. PCIe x16
It will be running Debian 11 (due to Infiniband drivers not being available for Debian 12). Along with docker/k3s (not decided yet).